Is there really a secret hidden screen on RokuTV?

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If you’re a console game player, you should really like this one.  TikTok users in 2021 are claiming that RokuTV has a secret screen that can be accessed by a combination of button pushing on your remote control.  After TikTok user @cam.nicole17 posted a video that showed her unlocking a secret screen on her RokuTV, others copied, using her audio as they tried it themselves.

Well, yes, it’s true.  The “Secret Screen” as it is actually identified by RokuTV can be accessed by hitting the home button on your remote at least 5 times in a row, followed by the rewind button three times, then the fast forward button twice. The screen shows a utility and system test menu that shows all of your RokuTV settings.  It also has options for a factory reset, USB test, software update and other diagnostic tools.

We tried this one of the RokuTV’s in our newsroom and yes, it worked.  So we tried another model and yes, it worked there too.

Yes, there is a “Secret Screen” literally called, “Secret Screen” on RokuTV’s however it is not certain if all RokuTV’s have this option.

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