Here’s What the White House Has to Say About Finland & Sweden Joining NATO and Turkey’s Hesitancy

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KARINE JEAN-PIERRE was asked whether or not the Turkish government has asked for concessions regarding the addition of Turkey and Sweden to NATO on 5/17/22.

Q    Karine, on NATO, Turkish President Erdoğan made some pretty strong comments yesterday suggesting that he would not want Finland and Sweden to join the Alliance.  With those leaders coming to the White House tomorrow — or on Thursday, excuse me — what is the U.S. prepared to do to assuage Turkey’s concerns?  Have the Turkish government communicated anything they want from the U.S. in terms of concessions?  And what is the U.S. prepared to offer Turkey to reassure them about their — the Sweden and Finland NATO campaign?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE:  So, Secretary Blinken spoke to this on Sunday.  He held a press conference in Berlin — you know, meeting with his counterparts in NATO.

Look, we — we are confident that they will reach a consensus as an Alliance and — on an entry process should they decide to apply.  So, that — we’re confident that, again — and Secretary Blinken — so I’m just really re-upping what he says: that there will be a consensus as it relates to Turkey and Sweden and Finland of applications.

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