Did CNN writer say it’s a good thing Joe Biden is so old?

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CNN writer Meg Jacobs is thrilled.  She’s excited that America finally has a president in office that lived through a time when women were treated as servants, blacks were treated as second class citizens and when the technology needed to compute a simple math problem took an entire floor of an office building.  Although Joe Biden lived through the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, the aging baby boomer most likely doesn’t remember any of it.

But that’s a good thing Jacobs says in her article, “Joe Biden is old. Here’s why that’s a good thing

“The best thing about President Joe Biden is that he’s old,” said the young CNN propagandist wrote.

She celebrated Biden’s push for low-yield solar energy that will turn natural landscapes into solar farms.  She applauded Biden’s push for wind energy that will see beautiful American landscapes and ocean views turn into utilitarian-looking future scapes.  She loves to hear that Biden is expanding the size of government exponentially.   She reveled in the fact that Biden’s policies will once again send American manufacturing jobs, energy jobs and even high-tech jobs to places like China, India and other foreign nations.

There’s just one problem with all of this.  None of that malarkey happened during Joe Biden’s life.  Instead, he became what he is through just the opposite.

While Jacobs applauded Biden’s political powerplay down the left sideline, she forgot to mention all of the other great things Joe Biden lived through such as America being the number one manufacturing economy in the world and the number one steel producer.  America was the country that sparked the digital revolution.  America was the most innovative country in the world during that time.  Our country lead the world in educational standards.  We lead the world in pretty much everything.

Now, Jacobs and CNN are thrilled to see America become less than the rest of the world.  It’s called equity.  Why should Americans be so successful and happy in life when other places in the world are not?  We are of course global racists to think that we should build a better life for our citizens than the rest of world.

Most of all, Jacobs is thrilled that she is part of America’s new aristocracy of the liberal left and the mainstream media.  Life could not be any better.

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