Did President Joe Biden Get Booed by Fans at Super Bowl LV?

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NOT EXACTLY NEWS – Some people are saying President Joe Biden and his wife Jill were booed during the President and First Lady’s rather boring pre-game chat ahead of Super Bowl LV. At the beginning of the first couple’s lecture, the crowd appears to be booing them.

The claim:

President Biden and First Lady Booed at Super Bowl LV.


Is it fake news?

The sound was pretty subdued over in Tampa during the Super Bowl because the stadium was at a reduced capacity of just 25,000 fans. The Biden fans over at Snopes said this video was “unproven” as expected.

We are going to fact check their fact-check and say, it certainly does sound like he was booed.  We referenced Biden’s reception at the Super Bowl with an appearance from President at the 2019 Alabama-LSU football game.  There is a distinct difference between Biden’s reception and Trump’s reception.

One thing is certain.  The fans in Tampa were definitely not cheering for Biden.

We were able to find another example of a Presidential ovation in the January 2020 College Football National Championship and loud cheers and thunderous applause were both heard for President Trump.

Verdict: 75% Exactly News

There were definitely boos of disapproval when Joe Biden spoke before Super Bowl LV, but it could have also been because the beer guy in section 114 dropped all of his beer on the ground, so we’ll never know for certain why the fans booed the President.  There’s a slight chance fans might have also said “who?”.

One thing is certain, Biden certainly did not get a thunderous round of applause at the Super Bowl which is why we give this a 75% exactly news.

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