Did Joe Biden Appointee Apologize for Thousands of Offensive Tweets Against Republicans?

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In February,  President Joe Biden’s nominee for Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden came under fire for her past hostile and aggressive tweets against several different lawmakers.

The claim:

Neera Tanden used Twitter and social media to launch attacks against Republicans.  Tanden was being considered for a position within the Biden administration as an appointed official as Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Is it fake news?

During her confirmation hearing, Tanden said, “Over the last few years, it’s been part of my role to be in and passionate. I know there have been some concerns about some of my past language and social media, and I regret that language and take responsibility for it.”

Senator Robert Portman, a Republican from Ohio grilled Tanden on her comments:

“I believe that the tone, the content and the aggressive partisanship of some of your public statements have added to the troubling trend of more incivility and division in our public life, and in your case I’m concerned that your personal attacks about specific senators will make it more difficult for you to work with them,” Portman asked. “I wonder, specifically, how do you plan to mend fences and build relationships with members of Congress you have attacked through your public statements?”

Portman accused Tanden of making “thousands” of negative comments on Twitter about Republicans ahead of her appointment to a non-partisan position.

Nine pages of tweets made by Tanden were about Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

“For those concerned about my rhetoric and my language, you know, I’m sorry and I’m sorry for any hurt that they’ve caused,” she said.

Tanden has since deleted all of her offensive tweets but denied it was to cover her tracks.

“I deleted tweets because I regretted my tone and I’ve deleted tweets over many months,” she said.

Verdict: 100% Exactly News

Tanden was definitely a Twitter flameslinger before her appointment by Joe Biden and with her new job on the line, yes she publicly apologized.  Time will tell if she actually meant it.

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