Did Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush Support Violent Riot at St. Louis Jail?

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St. Louis Congresswoman, Cori Bush, who is often referred to as the newest member of “The Squad”, a far left liberal faction operating in the U.S. Congress is accused of supporting a violent jail riot that left one correctional officer injured and violently assaulted.

The claim:

Cori Bush, who protested the violent insurrectionist at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6th, is now supporting a violent insurrectionist riot within the St. Louis City Justice Center, a detention facility in her home district in Missouri.

According to local NBC news affiliate WAND 17, the violent uprising in the jail started when an inmate jumped a correctional officer.

Beginning at around 2:30 a.m., an inmate got into a fight with the corrections officer.  Other inmates got involved by jumping the officer.

According to officials, during the fight, several detainees were able to unlock their cells and get into the fourth-floor unit.  Jail employees were trying to get the officer to safety when the inmates accessed a lock panel system, releasing more inmates from their cells.  – WANDTV 17

Is it fake news?

Congresswoman Cori Bush made the following post on Twitter:

“A riot is the language of the unheard.” – Dr. MLK Jr. I want to talk to my constituents in the window. Their lives and their rights must be protected. My team and I are working to ensure that the urgent needs of people who are incarcerated are not ignored.

Verdict: 100% Exactly News

Congresswoman Cori Bush and her allies on Capitol Hill have repeatedly made the case that any Republican Congressperson who did not denounce President Donald J. Trump were guilty of collaborating with the President and the insurrectionists of January 6th.  Using that same logic, Bush, if she did not denounce the jail riot that left one correctional officer injured after being beaten by inmates would be guilty of a similar claim and one can even say herself, could be inciting future riots in the jail.  However that notion is subject, Bush showed her solidarity for the rioting inmates, even offering support from her office.

Bush quoted Martin Luther King who said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.”    Unless of course that riot is directed at you.  Bush went further to suggest that the inmates should be released.

“We need to decarcerate now to save lives,” she said the next day.


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